Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two Things

First, my iron died.

I noticed last week that it wasn't getting as hot as it used to. Then, yesterday morning I turned it on and it never got hot. Luckily I have a couple older irons. I just pulled out one of those and will use it until I get a new one.

Second, I started a new project.

This is my first attempt at an idea for a QAYG pattern that I could use to teach the method. Currently my class is a "technique class" but I've had some interest in a "project class" version of my QAYG class. I'm trying to come up with something interesting that is beginner friendly. We'll see how it goes.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Sorry about your iron. Like those fabrics. Eager to see what you do with them.

Mary Bolton said...

That iron looks familiar....Bought one from Vermont Country Store. When it died, they replaced it with a second....when that one died, I didn't call them. Never liked that it wouldn't turn itself off. Been buying the cheap ones from Walmart.