Friday, April 2, 2010

Disappearing 9 Patch for charity

This is the finish quilt top using the disappearing nine patch blocks that I am making for charity and as a sample for our next guild block swap. This top used 10 1/2 nine patch blocks, cut into quarters. I made the nine patch blocks from 5" squares. So the nine patch blocks measured 14" before cutting them into quarters. The top measures about 40" by 47" - a perfect size for a kids charity quilt in my opinion. My guild buys batting for the members to use in charity quilts. I picked up some batting yesterday to use for this quilt and a few others that I have ready to be quilted. Quilting these tops will be my main project for the next week or so.

My son has today and Monday off from school so I'm not sure how much quilting I'll get done before Tuesday - not much is my guess. In addition, my husband is going skiing AGAIN tomorrow. I thought ski season would be over by now, but not at Wolf Creek Ski Area. They got more snow yesterday.

I will soon be getting a new floor for my laundry room! Yesterday I pick out some nice vinyl and a guy came out to measure. I hope to hear from them today with an estimate for the installation and then schedule the job. I'm really motivated to get the ceiling finished up and have this room DONE, finally!


Stephanie in Michigan said...

Lynn, the quilt looks great! I find it hard to sew for charity, because I can barely get my own stuff done. It feels selfish so many times. I always admire people like you who can do this. Congrats on the new laundry room. How fun! I hope you'll post before and after photos! Happy Easter!

julietk said...

I have learned a few interesting quilt patern names recently on the Bunny Hop, I just popped in to say Thank you for entering my Hop giveaway I am sorry you didn't win this time but please come and visit for my next one you never know :-) Juliet