Friday, April 30, 2010

Playing with Lines and Stitches 1

I was so busy sewing, cleaning and out to lunch with friends yesterday that I didn't have time to take photos to post or even get online and read the blogs I follow. This is one of the things I was working on yesterday. I added the beads and the binding. I'm not sure I like the charcoal binding though. It's not bad, but I may have something that would be better. I am also working on another piece using the same teal wool, pink/red variegated thread and beads. I think I will bind it with the other fabric and then decide if I need to remove this binding and replace it with the other.

When we bought this house several years ago there were lots of tulips planted in both the front and back. I removed them from the back because they were in odd places and I wanted the back yard to be a play space for our son. I didn't want him to have to be careful of the flowers - that's no fun. I removed them from the front yard because the deer love tulips. I was trying to remove all plants that they like to discourage them from stopping by our yard. However, every year new tulips come up in random places. Usually the deer get them before the even bloom, but this year I managed to rescue a few. I guess I have a few more to dig up later.

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

Your stitching turned out beautifully, Lynn. I like the beads. I think the charcoal binding is kind of nice, because it doesn't compete with all the stitching and lets them stand out. Lovely tulips. They are my favorite flowers!