Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Check out this cute crocheted water bottle cover one of my quilt guild friends made for Parker. It was so sweet and unexpected! This just arrived in our mailbox last weekend addressed to Parker. He has enjoyed using it.

Tony went skiing again today. The last two weeks he has said that this is the last weekend of skiing for the season, then gone the next weekend. He didn't say that this evening. I am going to the Quilt and Stitch Expo in Pueblo next Saturday by myself. If he wants to go skiing next Saturday he can take Parker with him or make other arrangements for Parker. Let me say again - I am going to the Expo alone!!

In between entertaining Parker today, I've been cutting out more thread catchers. I think I have about 16 cut out and partially sewn. I don't think I mentioned that someone else called me and wants to buy 4 more! That's in addition to the two already ordered by the lady who bought one at the guild demo day. So 6 of these are already sold! I could have never predicted that these would be so popular. Does anybody else want one? They are $10 plus shipping if you don't live locally. I'll only charge you what it actually costs to ship it. I hate it when sellers try to make additional money off the shipping. Stay tuned ... later in the week I'll post photos of the finished thread catchers I started today.

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

Hi Lynn, that is so sweet! I love it when people do such sweet things for children! I also love your post about going to the Expo ALONE! I know exactly what you mean. I even enjoy going without friends sometimes, so I can go to the booths I want, when I want, and can stay as long as I want or as short as I want. But It's fun to have a friend along to share it all with!

I think I would love a thread catcher! I was just thinking yesterday I need one. I know I'll never sew one for myself. Let me know how you want to work arrangements!