Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laundry room floor - aaaaahhh!

Not a very quilty post today, but I am so excited to finally have a laundry floor I can be proud of. The house is a bit stinky from the silicone caulking used around the edges and the adhesive, but doesn't it look nice? Scroll down to the last photo to see ugly green "before" floor. It was painted linoleum and the paint came off a little bit every time I mopped it. I'm probably going to just go sit in there for a little while tomorrow (after the smell dissipates). We still need to put the cabinets back in along with a few other things and the ceiling still needs some work, but it feels so nice to have this project proceeding so nicely.

The ugly green went into this little half bath too, so it also got a face lift this morning!

Here is the before shot. This was taken before I painted too.

I have been busy making thread catchers this morning while the floor was being installed. My husband just got back from Walmart with more fish tank airline (used to make the bag hang open nicely) so I can finish these up. Photos to follow in a few days.


Jandi said...

It looks great! How exciting to complete such a big project!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Awesome new floor! Yeah! It is so fun to finish a home improvement project, isn't it?! Congratulations! It looks great.