Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pokemon Paper Quilt

I mentioned to my son that since he is going to be 8 soon, he would get to go to my "sewing school" this summer and make a quilt, if he wants to. He took that to mean he could start on quilt right then. Mind you, we are having this conversation just as I am closing up my sewing room for the day to go make dinner. I remind him that he is not 8 yet and I'm going to make dinner, so he decides to make a paper quilt instead. I liked this a lot better before he wrote "pokemon" all over it. He is in a Pokemon phase right now, in case you couldn't tell. I told him I may have to steal his background idea and use it in a fabric quilt. I'll leave off all the Pokemon stuff in mine.


Barb said...

How cute!!

Sandy said...

Ahhh--the Pokemon days! My daughter was big into Pokemon and now, at 17, I strongly suspect she still has a stash of Pokemon cards in her room that she pulls out occasionally for nostalgia. I do love that background! Some cool stuff going on there.

Stephanie in Michigan said...

That is great! My daughter can't wait to learn to sew either. I love it. He's on his way to be a real quilt designer!

Aline Guilger Scene- May Line e Eevee said...

Lembro quando eu queria fazer bordado e tricô com a minha mãe...Desisti porque não consegui hahaha!

Fico muito feliz por ele gostar de Pokémon!

Já disseram pra minha mãe quando eu tinha uns 4 anos que Pokémon era só uma fase mesmo e logo eu não gostaria mais...Hoje, 10 anos depois, continuo mais fã do que nunca!