Friday, May 21, 2010


Here's my creative product for today - pokeball cupcakes. I'm taking these to school this evening for Parker to celebrate his birthday with his class. Yes, you read that right, I'm taking them this evening. His class is getting to stay for a "late night at school" today. My understanding is that his class will be the only one at school for this because they got the Attendance Award. They are going to play games, do crafts, watch a movie, have dinner at school and celebrate Parker's birthday. They get to run in the halls and be as loud as they want from 3 pm until 8 pm!

Tomorrow we are having Parker's birthday party with another of his classmates whose birthday was yesterday. They were essentially inviting the same people and we didn't want to have competing parties, so they have invited 9 friends to our house tomorrow afternoon. That will make eleven 8 year olds at our house. Wish me luck! As I type this Parker's pokeball cake is baking. We are attempting to make a ball shaped cake using a mold. We are baking it now in case we need to try again. I'll post photos of that tomorrow or Sunday.

With all the birthday planning and festivities I won't have time to do much sewing for the next few days. Then my parents are coming for a week on Tuesday. My husband got the camping stuff out recently so I am hopeful that I will have plenty of sewing time after the "party season" ends and school lets out for the summer. Parker thinks that moms don't camp. The truth is his mom would rather sew than camp and can't pass up an opportunity to have the entire house to herself for almost 24 hours.

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

Sounds like fun. Your cupcakes are adorable. I remember when we used to have late nights at school. We loved it. How come we hated getting up and going to school in the morning though? ha ha. Life's getting crazy for me, too. I have some traveling next week, so there will be little sewing and little time to post as well. Have a great time. Hang in there and bring quilting magazines or something to read. :-)