Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bat Update

The newspaper along the ridge line of the roof is working! We've been outside several times tonight to check and the little guys are trying unsuccessfully to get back in. Unfortunately, a few individuals were late risers this evening and got trapped. Two found other ways out through the kitchen into the living room. Two bats in the house in less than 30 minutes is unnerving to say the least!

If I wasn't so scared and freaked out by this it would be funny. I am "barricaded" in the guest room (door shut and quilt on the floor blocking the space under the door), sleeping with a badminton racket and one of our house phones downstairs. My husband is upstairs in our bedroom (right under the bat zone) with the other phone and another racket. We've closed the hallway door that separates the living room, dining room and kitchen from the bedrooms and upstairs tonight and I put a towel on the floor blocking the space under the door.

At about 2 am last night I went to the bathroom and I saw a bat flying in the hallway. By the time I worked up the nerve to reopen the door, I couldn't see the bat. I had to be really brave and go upstairs to get my husband up. We looked for an hour but could not find the bat. My sweet husband was so tired last night (and didn't believe I had really seen a bat since we couldn't find it) but he looked high and low throughout the house for it. We even woke up Parker checking his room. Tonight, I've got my racket to defend myself and a phone to call for back-up. This is war!

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

OMG. I would freak out if I saw a bat in the hallway, too. I am so sorry for you. I'd be ready to go get a hotel room so I could get some sleep! I hope it gets resolved, but I am glad your temporary solution is working a little!