Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When will this end?

Two more bats in the house tonight! That makes 6 bats in four nights. I am really over this! The two tonight must be ones that didn't make it out last night. The newspaper seemed to keep them out last night. This afternoon Tony got back on the roof to inspect and reinforced a few places with duct tape. Our research said that bats can live no more than a week without getting out to feed, but if I have to live through another week of this I'll be batty (pun intended).

We've called a few roofing companies about replacing the roof and installing proper anti-bat devices. So far one is coming next week to give us an estimate. We do not want to replace the roof until the bats have left for the season. Now that we've kicked them out we don't want to rip off the roof and risk having them all move in again before the new roof is installed.

Actually, just a properly installed roof will prevent bats from moving in. We found out today from a neighbor that the previous owner installed this roof himself using a discarded old roof. Many of the modifications and alterations he made the this house are ... how shall I put this? ... questionable, at best. Now that I know he installed this roof himself, it is definitely coming off. Ugh, I see dollar signs attached to this project.

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

Oh boy. I know how that goes. Everything in our house is...questionable, too. Geez. I wish if people were going to do it themselves, they'd do it right! :-) Good luck with that. Looks like you have a tin roof. We put one on our house in Ohio and loved it. Not too hard to install yourself. But roofs are always expensive. Good luck. I wish you the best. I hope the bats move out soon!