Thursday, July 15, 2010

Waves of Blue and Green Finished

Today was the first day in almost two weeks that I was able to spend any time in my sewing room. I finished this some time ago, but couldn't get a picture until this morning. The vertical orientation was the winner of the poll. Thank you to all who responded!

I wasn't sure I would like the mix of hand stitching and machine stitching, but it turned out well - if I do say so myself.

I spent time this morning quilting the Cub Scout quilt. I am now officially half finished quilting the center portion and I have decided how I want to quilt the borders. I'm almost out of the thread I am using but just got a call from my LQS that they got more of the thread in stock and are holding what I need for me behind the counter. I'll go get it tomorrow and hopefully get to quilt on it some more too.


Barb said...

Love it!!!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Wow, it turned out super! I like the mix of quilting!