Monday, July 26, 2010

Rectangles Quilting motifs 1

I am working on the binding and label for my rectangles quilt. It is all quilted. I've taken photos of each rectangle to show you the quilting motif I used. I opted to just stipple the border and sashing.

Here are the first four rectangles.

Bed of Roses

Cucumber Vine

Daisy Chain


Some of these motifs I got from Leah Day's filler design project and some are my own design or popular designs. I'll show you more tomorrow.

In other news: We had another bat in the house on Saturday night and my husband was not home!!!! I ended up getting a neighbor to come help me get the bat out of the house. We are at our wit's end with this problem. We've made numerous calls to the local Animal Control Department and Department of Wildlife. They either won't help or won't return our calls for help. This does not meet the fire code but at this point I don't care. It is not a permanent solution.

My "bat man" is stuffing newspaper in the holes. He did most of the ridge line today but left places for them to get out tonight. After the bats have left this evening he plans to get back on the roof and fill in the rest of the gaps. You can see the sorry state of the paint on this roofing in the photo. When the roofers come to repaint/repair/replace the roof, we will have them install a proper filler to keep out the bats. Until then, I hope this works!

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

Lynn, you have really chosen your quilting motifs well. Nicely done. Each compliments the fabrics in your block so nicely. Sorry you are still struggling with bats. Wow. We had a mouse in my sewing room the other day. Yikes! That freaked me out. I haven't had a mouse in the house since I lived in Ohio out amongst the corn fields (like where we live now). We caught a few in mouse traps, but I'm out looking for a cat/kitten to adopt now. That's the only thing that really worked last time! Wonder what hunts bats? :-)