Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working Hard and Hardly Working

I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. Lately, every time I think about sitting down at the computer I realize that I could be sewing. So I sew instead. I am almost finished with the Cub Scout quilt - all that is left is sewing the binding down on the back - WHEW! I've got about half of my "modern rectangles" quilt quilted. This one

I've decided to quilt each rectangle using a different motif with the matching threads I bought.

It will add nice texture but the quilting lines will not be too distracting and interfere with the modern look I'm going for.

Tomorrow I am spending the day at my LQS sewing a quilt for my guild which will be used as our next raffle quilt. It's a bit of long story but the quilt top we were planning to use for next year's raffle can not be finished in time to sell tickets on it at an upcoming show. Someone, who shall remain nameless since I can't remember exactly who anyway, said that it would not be possible to create another quilt and have it ready in time so we would just have to miss the opportunity. One of my friends took that as a personal challenge and we are meeting to hopefully get the top pieced tomorrow. Her goal is to have the quilt completely finished by the next guild meeting in August (Aug. 21st to be precise). If we can get the top pieced or mostly pieced tomorrow then I don't see any reason it won't be ready by the August meeting. We met on Tuesday to finalize a pattern and pick/purchase fabrics. It's going to be really pretty!!


Barb said...

you are so right, computers take up so much you are strong to resist and to sew.

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Hi Lynn, sorry I've been absent. Your quilt is looking just great! I really like your idea of the matching threads. The colors are gorgeous. Good luck on finishing up that quilt top. I am hoping to get some sewing done this weekend!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

HI Lynn, sorry if you get this twice. Something weird happened to my computer and I wasn't sure if it posted. Sorry to be absent for so long. Your quilt is looking great. I love your ideas for quilting. Show some detail shots when you get a chance. Those thread colors are just delicious. Good luck on that raffle quilt. That sounds like fun!