Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back from our trip and a tip

We are back from our trip to Durango. We had a great time reconnecting with (and meeting for the first time) one branch of Tony's family. They are a fun bunch.

On Friday night we ate at a restaurant called the Sow's Ear. We were staying up near the ski resort and most of the action and restaurants are located 20 miles down the mountain in Durango. We had been driving for hours and hours according to Parker (actually it was only 4 hours) through some pretty heavy rain and didn't feel like trekking back down to Durango for dinner. According to the information at the place we were staying, there are only four restaurants on the mountain. At least only four that are open in the summer. Based on the brief descriptions we picked the Sow's Ear. We opened the menu and I thought Tony was going to fall on the floor - it was expensive. But we had the best meal we have had in years! They make everything from scratch, even butcher their own cows. The food was outstanding! I don't think I have ever had a steak at a restaurant that I didn't feel I could have fixed as well or better myself, until Friday night. My ribeye was better than I can do. If you are ever in the Durango area and are in the market for a meal to remember, go to the Sow's Ear!

To top off our meal, as we were waiting for our check a bear came ambling out of the woods down into the parking lot toward the front door! And me without my camera. One of the waiters went running down to close the front door of the restaurant since the bear seemed to be headed our way. However, by the time we got out to the parking lot we couldn't see him anywhere - thank goodness, he was big. Our waitress said that he was probably only between 1 and 2 years old though and he would get much bigger. Yikes!

Now for my tip. My LQS, The Gray Goose, gave these out a few years ago as a little gifty for purchasing something. They called them bobbin bikinis. Actually, they are ponytail holders for little girls but they work great to put around a bobbin to keep it from unwinding in storage.

You can get 42 for a dollar or two at Wal-mart. Pretty good deal I think and they fit my bobbins perfectly.


Barb said...

It sure must have been pretty up in the mountains.

Yes, all my bobbins have ear muffs...people call them different things....

Stephanie in Michigan said...

That's a great tip! Wow, I have never seen a bear! But this weekend when I was in Tucson, I saw 5 javelinas all in a pack together on the golf course near my parents' house. Quite a sight. Sometimes you get to see one, but 5! I also saw a bobcat run across the road one day. It was a good trip for wildlife!

KaHolly said...

Super idea!! Thanks for sharing, karen