Friday, August 6, 2010

Stitchin' and Pickin'

I have started this new little hand stitched project. I don't have a clear picture of where this is going yet. I'm just enjoying the process of hand stitching at the moment.

One of my friends has a house on a double lot with a large garden on the second lot. She offered to let several of us have a row in their garden to plant as we wanted. I let Parker choose the plants. Check out the broccoli we picked this morning!

We also came home with a bag of lettuce, a few small carrots, a cucumber, some celery, a variety of beans, an acorn squash, some yellow squash and zucchini.

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Mama Pea said...

That's some big broccoli! We are going to give part of our garden to someone next year, too. The garden at the new house is way too big for us!