Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gifty Day

I told you that I had a gift occasion coming up but that I didn't know exactly who the gift would be for. The occasion was today and we played a little game to exchange gifts. Big surprise - I made a purse to give!

Inside the purse I place all the dry ingredients necessary to make a pot of bean soup and a pan of corn bread, along with the recipes. I think the recipient liked it.

I love the gift I received!

The teapot is one I have had. The gift is the tea, the teapot cozy and the little trays for the used tea bags. Look at how cute this tea is!

I wish I could put smells on my blog. This tea smells so divine. I had a pot of this White Ambrosia this afternoon while I played with my Paintstiks. I'll show you photos of my afternoons work soon.

The other thing I have been doing a lot of lately is baking zucchini bread. It freezes so well and my family loves it. My husband and son will eat one of these loaves, by themselves, in one sitting, for breakfast. I didn't even get any of the first two loaves I made!

I have always had trouble getting this bread out of the pan in one piece. With these loaves I tried putting parchment paper on the bottom of the pans. It came out perfect!

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Barb said...

I can smell that bread all the way over here in Samoa.....

Love the purse...