Thursday, July 2, 2015

More Clothesline Projects

Last Friday I posted my first bowl made from clothesline. Click here to read that post if you missed it or need a refresher.

Over the weekend I made a few more things with clothesline. The first bowl I made used a whole 100 foot package of clothesline. It was a little thinner than the packages I got from my local Ace Hardware. The first package was 3/16" in diameter. The ones from Ace are 7/32" in diameter. You wouldn't think 1/32nd of an inch would make much difference, but it does. The first one was a bit floppy, these aren't.

First I made these two smaller bowls.

The oval one fits a pair of glasses. It is sitting on a little bookshelf by our front door and has become a home for my husband's sunglasses.

The above bowls were made from one package of clothesline. I have no idea how much each took. I had some left over so I made an even smaller bowl.

Oh my! It sure is cute! So I made a few more tiny bowls and a couple of coasters.

I still have some of that 100 foot package of clothesline left after making two small bowls, three tiny bowls and two coasters. I will probably make coasters until I've used it all up.

My husband thinks these bowls are really neat. He kept coming in and watching me sewing them. It is fun to see them forming.

I took the photo below for scale.

I put the tiny bowls inside my first bowl. So I put the small bowls inside the first bowl too so you can get a better idea of their size.

I have since purchased even more packages of clothesline and plan to make some placemats and a tote bag next.

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Gene Black said...

I looked at some clothesline yesterday. I realized that clothesline can be made of many things. What fiber is the clothesline you are buying for this?