Monday, January 29, 2024

Fourth Pair of Half Pack Quilts :: Candy Lane and Square Affair

   If you aren't familiar with Sassy Sunflower Half Pack Quilt Kits click the following links to read about them and to see the others that I have shared - First post about Half Pack Quilts and Second post about Half Pack Quilts and Third post about Half Pack Quilts.

The pattern used for this one is Candy Lane using our Sunday Half Pack Kit.

Candy Lane pattern using Sunday half pack

Then there is the Square Affair pattern using our Motorcycles Half Pack Kit.

Square Affair pattern using Motorcycles half pack

The kits are now available on my website! You can click the following link to view all the Half Pack Projects on one page: Half Pack Project Gallery. Finished sizes of each project are listed along with how much backing fabric is required for each project. All of the quilts require 1/2 yard for binding. The tote bag does not need binding but does need some interfacing and batting. All that information is on the Half Pack Project Gallery.

The kits are available for purchase either by following the link from the Half Pack Project Gallery or with the following link: Half Pack Kits.

New kits will be available next week after I finish the Tippy Tote Bag project, which is almost done. I'll share it with you here soon.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Third Pair of Half Pack Quilts :: Hashtag and Picnic Basket

  If you aren't familiar with Sassy Sunflower Half Pack Quilt Kits click the following links to read about them and to see the others that I have shared - First post about Half Pack Quilts and Second post about Half Pack Quilts

The pattern used for this one is called Hashtag using our Bird & Bloom Half Pack quilt kit.

Hashtag pattern using Bird & Bloom Half Pack kit

This one uses the Picnic Basket pattern and our Snow Flower Half Pack Quilt Kit.

Picnic Basket pattern using Snow Flower Half Pack Kit

Both of these patterns require very simple piecing and large pieces so they go together quickly. The finished sizes of both of these is about 50" by 60".

Monday, January 15, 2024

The Second Pair of Half Pack Quilts :: Spin Me Round and Quick Strip

 If you aren't familiar with Sassy Sunflower Half Pack Quilt Kits click the following link to read about them and to see the first pair that I shared - First post about Half Pack Quilts.

Our sample of Spin Me Round uses our Kansas Troubles Half Pack Kit.

Spin Me Round pattern using Kansas Troubles Half Pack Kit

Next is the Quick Strip Pattern using our Outer Space Half Pack Quilt Kit.

Quick Strip pattern using Outer Space Half Pack kit

 None of the Half Pack patterns are really what I would call hard, but the Quick Strip pattern is probably the easiest pattern of all of the Half Pack patterns.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

The First Pair of Half Pack Quilts :: Tumble Block and Window Pane

 Are you familiar with Sassy Sunflower Half Pack Quilt Kits? It's a fairly new program and I just signed my shop up to participate. I've been busying making up the samples for the last several weeks.

The way it works is there are 9 half pack patterns to choose from and LOTS of half pack quilts kits. You pick the half pack quilt kit you like and then choose the pattern you want. The patterns are not available for purchase separately, only with the purchase of a half pack kit. (Our kits will be $39.99). We are still busy cutting the kits as shops cut these kits themselves using fabrics from their shop. As soon as we have enough kits cut I'll start adding them to my online shop but for now you can just look at the pretty quilts.

So what's a Half Pack Quilt Kit? It's five half yard cuts of fabrics. Yep, both of the quilts I'm sharing with you today requiring only 2.5 yards of fabric total for the quilt top. Binding and backing are not included but all of them require 1/2 yard for binding and they all require between 3 and 3 1/4 yards of backing fabric.

I'm going to share these a few at a time with you. The first is the Tumble Block Pattern using our Horizon Half Pack Quilt Kit.

Tumble Block pattern, Horizon Half Pack Kit

Then we have the Window Pane Pattern using our Americana Half Pack Quilt Kit.

Window Pane pattern, Americana Half Pack Kit

All of these quilts are lap size in the 50" by 60" finished size range. None of the patterns are what I'd call hard. Most of them took me about two to three hours to make, that included my time cutting out the quilt and then sewing and pressing. A true beginner will need a little help but a confident beginner (someone who has made one or two quilts already) can do it on their own. 

If you are one of those people who gets frustrated when you buy a quilt kit with a lot of leftover fabric, you are gonna love these kits. Just about every bit of fabric from the kit is required for the quilt top. None of them generated very many scraps. The downside is that there really is no oops fabric built into these kits. The upside is that the cutting is very easy and the patterns give detailed cutting diagrams so that you can see how to cut each half yard piece.

I'll share a couple more of these quilts next with you next week.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year!

 I've had a nice week at home with my shop closed all last week. I got our laundry room repainted after we had the ceiling in that room repaired and retextured. I also got some touch-up painting done in our main bathroom after we had some work done to one spot on the wall and the entire ceiling.

Our new family member, Sheba, has been busy all week too.

Sheba in our Christmas tree

We put up our Christmas tree without any ornaments. Then we were gifted a few ornaments. Since Sheba had been leaving the tree alone we put them on the tree. Look closely toward the top. I've circled her in the photo below. She was trying to "kill" the ornaments.

Sheba in the tree

So the ornaments came down and were stored safely away. We ended up taking the tree down on the 26th because we were tired of having to defend it from the kitten! This is a record for us as usually the tree stays up for a week or two after Christmas. Next year!

She really is a sweetie though, just very busy! And our older cat, Ms. Boo, is starting to accept the new kitten. She still isn't a fan, but will stand her ground now and will begrudgingly be in the same room with the kitten. There is still some hissing and growling, but it's getting less. I think she growls and hisses more out of principle rather than irritation. Ms. Boo is not a fan of change, especially when it wasn't her idea to change!

Sheba melting in Tony's arms

I'm almost ready to share all of the sewing I've been doing the last few weeks. I have three more quilt tops ready to go to my long arm quilter this week. I have patterns coming for a few more but I'll start sharing what I have been up to before I get a chance to get those made up.