Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Meet Sheba

 We did get a new family member. No one stepped forward to claim this sweetie and we didn't see any fliers posted about a missing kitten. We have been trying out a few names but have finally settled on Sheba, unless the vet tells us that this one is a boy. If that is the case then the name will be Oscar - it's a long story.

Me holding Sheba

She loves to sleep in a lap.

Sheba sleeping in my lap

And she isn't picky about whose lap she is in.

Sheba in Tony's lap

The first vet appointment is Friday. So far she likes her carrier but all that might change come Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

This month you could win an embroidery machine!

  Alamosa Quilt Company has participated in the monthly online FabShop Hop for over a year now. There are always great prizes each month but this month the grand prize is an embroidery machine with a retail value of over $2200! You got to be in to win it though! All the details are lower down in this post so keep scrolling and get ready to starting hopping.

embroidery machine flyer

Do you like shop hops? If you do, are you familiar with the monthly online shop hop hosted by FabShop? It's a fabulous opportunity to find great independently owned local quilt shops. Alamosa Quilt Company is participating. To register yourself and start hopping, go to our website,, scroll down a bit until you find the image of the Hop Bunny. Click on the bunny and that will take you to the page where you can register, read the rules of the hop, how to win prizes and such.

They have a Facebook page too. Search for FabShop Hop on Facebook and you'll find it. You can join that page as well as their private Facebook group.

Looking ahead, my shop will also be participating in the December Online BlowOut Event again. That will be the last week of December 2023. I've already started loading fabrics in the Clearance Section so if you want a head start feel free to head over to the Clearance Section right now. New fabrics are being added weekly right now. If you like batiks, you should really go check it out as all of my batik fabrics are currently in the Clearance Section.

Friday, November 10, 2023

A New Family Member?

 Yesterday morning I was the only one up having my coffee when the doorbell rings - at 7:30am. I reluctantly went to the door and it was some friends who live a few blocks away on their way to work. They had an adorable little black kitten with them.

black kitten 1

They found the kitten running in the middle of the road through traffic and rescued him/her. They put the kitten down on the sidewalk and it started following them. They were walking to work and couldn't take a kitten with them. Since we live on the way they stopped and asked if we could take it for the day.

Well, it didn't take long for us to all fall in love. The kitten was very hungry so we got him/her some food and water. Then we made up a little make-shift litter box, which it used almost immediately without me even showing it to him/her. I've posted a photo of him/her in a local Lost/Found Pet Facebook page, but so far no one has claimed him/her. So, we may have gotten a kitten yesterday!

black kitten 2

Honestly, the only family member who hasn't fallen in love already is our older cat, Ms. Spooky Boo. We haven't tried to introduce them yet because there is no point in putting Ms. Boo through that if someone comes forward to claim him/her. But Ms. Boo does know that there is a kitten living in the garage. She is not impressed but wasn't too put out about it. The rest of us are kind of hoping that no one does come forward to claim him/her. He/She is very cuddly and friendly with a very loud purr that starts up as soon as you pick him/her up.

No name yet, but we've already started brainstorming possibilities.