Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Meet Sheba

 We did get a new family member. No one stepped forward to claim this sweetie and we didn't see any fliers posted about a missing kitten. We have been trying out a few names but have finally settled on Sheba, unless the vet tells us that this one is a boy. If that is the case then the name will be Oscar - it's a long story.

Me holding Sheba

She loves to sleep in a lap.

Sheba sleeping in my lap

And she isn't picky about whose lap she is in.

Sheba in Tony's lap

The first vet appointment is Friday. So far she likes her carrier but all that might change come Friday afternoon.


Joanne in Massachusetts said...

Black cats sure are beautiful. Here's to many happy years with your new family member.
Happy holidays...

karen said...

Beautiful kitty. She knows she's home.
We have a Main Coon rescue. So glad he came to us.