Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fish Quilt Swims Home

I made this quilt top in 2008.

The photo was taken February 23, 2008 to be precise. This was before I started blogging and documenting my work in photos. I don't even have a picture of the finished quilt and mailed it off to it's new home before I realized this. Oh well!

I made this quilt intending to give it to charity. My mom cut out all the fish pieces for me and gave them to me as a kit. Isn't she nice! It's pretty big, about 67" square. For various reasons, it didn't seem appropriate to give it to any of the local charities, so I just kept it, trusting that I would find it a home.

A few days ago I started noticing this button in various places online. It lead me to Gene Black and his search for angels. This quilt is now on it's way to Gene for his project.


Mama Pea said...

You are so cool with all your charity quilting. I am going to set that as a goal for next year.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love that quilt. I agree with Stephanie, you are so thoughtful to make and give your quilts to charity. You are also an inspiration, because now I want to make that my goal too.

Linda in Arkansas said...

Well, now isn't that wonderful what Gene Black is doing - and you for donating the quilt. And telling us about the program. That is really such a cute quilt. It will be so loved!!

Barb said...

What an nice gift to send off.

Deanna said...

Quilts have a way of finding their homes.

Gene Black said...

Lynn, it is beautiful. I was surprised by the shape of it. (yes, I love it!) I will definitely have to try that something in the future.

Bless you for your generosity.