Monday, August 19, 2013

Visit from a Friend

We had another friend visit last weekend. She is a former neighbor. We spent the weekend doing as many of her favorite things to do when she lived here as we could.

We went to the Sand Dunes.

I love the shadows of the clouds on the Dunes in the above photo.

We walked a little ways out onto the Dunes.

Me on the left with Adrienne

That spot of orange sliding down the dune is my child.

Many people bring cardboard to slide down the dunes on. It doesn't work very well. If you want to slide down the dunes I suggest renting a sand board (looks like a wider snowboard without bindings). Sand boards work quite well.

In the afternoon we walked around downtown Alamosa and shopped. We ate dinner at her favorite local restaurant, Calvillo's.

It was a short visit but very enjoyable. I suppose it is obvious that I didn't get any sewing done over the weekend. I'm working on my next scrap project this morning while waiting to hear back from folks for work projects. I've got to get enough of this quilt done today so I can write up some basic instructions for Wednesdays Scrap Group meeting.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

It's great to spend time with a friend. I learned something from this post. I didn't know you had sand dunes where you live! What a surprise.