Sunday, September 22, 2013

Daily Craft TV

Have you heard about Daily Craft TV?

From their website,

Daily Craft TV is a community showing new craft ideas & projects with online webinar videos. Expert instructors provide online craft classes in Quilting, Scrapbooking, Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting, & Paper Crafts.

Our classes are:

  • Convenient. Watch anytime and anywhere.
  • Accessible. Watch as often as you like. Your classes never expire!
  • Interactive. Share questions, comments & pictures with other quilters.
  • Affordable. All classes start as low as $4.99!
I was given the opportunity to take a class for free and chose String Piecing 7 Ways.

This is mainly a technique class, rather than a project class. However it does include three patterns with the cost of the class. One is a pattern for a complete quilt. The other two are block patterns. When you consider the fact that most patterns cost $9 or more, the $9.99 cost of this class is a good deal. I looked through all of their quilting classes before choosing this one. I did not see any quilting class priced higher than $9.99 and there were quite a few that were only $4.99.

The video quality was good. It did look a little pixelated when enlarged to full screen on my laptop, but I don't watch many videos on my laptop because they all seem a bit pixelated to me on this screen. I watched the class on my iPad. The video quality on my iPad was great, even at full screen. The video was professionally filmed. The camera angles were excellent. All steps were clearly demonstrated. The sound quality was great.

The list of quilting instructors is impressive: Cindy Hathaway, Dawn Cavanaugh, Fons & Porter Staff, Heidi Kaisand, Janet Pittman, Jodie Davis, Liz Porter, Marianne Fons, Marti Michell, Mary Fons, Pat Sloan, McCall's Quilting Staff, Quilters Newsletter Staff, Quiltmaker Staff, Stacy Michell, Susan Beck, and Tony Jacobson.

I choose this class because I love scrap quilts. I have never done a string quilt and have been thinking that I might like to give it a try. Even though I haven't done any string piecing, I am pretty familiar with the technique. I was hoping the class would give me some ideas and tips. I was not disappointed! If I hadn't been so sick recently, I'd probably have some string piecing to show you. I'm looking forward to getting back into my sewing room and giving this technique a try!

Disclaimer: I was given a free class but the review is my own opinion.

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Jen said...

That's crazy! I just signed up for 5 quilting classes for over $100 at Craftsy and thought I was getting a great deal! I'll definitely be checking out these classes! Thanks for the review :)