Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mixer Muu Muu

For Mother's Day I received a new mixer. My first "real" mixer.

We have a small kitchen so the mixer has to stay on the counter. As attractive as it is, it needs a cover, mainly because we live in a very dusty climate. I don't want to have to wash the bowl and paddle before using the mixer.

So I made a cover, which I'm calling a mixer muu muu.

It has three pockets (two on the ends and one on the back side) for the various attachments and the cord. Hopefully this will keep it clean in between uses.

This is project number one off my list of things I wanted to do this week while I'm home alone. In case you are worried, I am being well supervised by Miss Spooky.

She jumped the gun a bit yesterday by attempting to perform her quilt testing duties before the quilt was finished. I left for just a minute and came back to this! She quick closed her eyes to give the impression that she was sound asleep. I wasn't fooled.

I hope to have the above quilt finished up soon. I'll show you a full picture when it's done.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Oh, lucky you! I've wanted one forever but can't justify it because I rarely do anything in the kitchen. LOL. Love that cat. Love that quilt. I'm looking for a QOV pattern and was just thinking that this one would be great.

Gene Black said...

I love the "old" look of a kitchenaid mixer. It seems a shame to cover it up though. (but I do understand.)

Mama Pea said...

Got one of those for Lloyd for his birthday a few years ago. Best purchase we've made in a long time. Worth every penny! I want to make a cover for ours, but I can't bring myself to cover it.