Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Goose on the Loose :: Block 6

The block for this month is another fairly easy one although it may not be a fast one.

Here's what you need if you are using the Wing Clipper ruler:

(8) 4.5" squares of scrap fabrics for the geese
(32) 2.5" squares of background fabrics for the sky

You are making 2" by 3.5" unfinished size flying geese units (1.5" by 3" finished). Make 32 flying geese units. Sew them together in pairs that are "flying in the same direction" to create 3.5" squares. Using the above photo as a guide, layout your squares of pairs of flying geese into four rows of four squares each. Sew them in rows and then sew the rows together.

The other method I would recommend for this is the Flip, Flip, Finish method. For that you will need (32) 2" by 3.5" rectangles of scraps for the geese and (64) 2" squares of background fabrics. Make your flying geese units using the Flip, Flip, Finish method and then follow the directions above to sew your flying geese units together.

To make things scrappier and still use the Wing Clipper ruler, choose more than eight 4.5" squares of scrap fabrics for the geese. I think I used twenty 4.5" squares. This makes a lot of extra flying geese units! Only trim up the 32 you need for this block. Save the rest for future blocks. Hint: the next block requires 20 flying geese units the exact same size as the ones for this block (2" by 3.5" unfinished). 

As usual, if you have a question leave it in a comment. If I can, I will respond to you personally. If you are "no-reply" I will leave an answer as a comment and you will need to check back to see it.

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