Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Coloring Fabrc

I recently received a couple of the "coloring" fabrics I ordered for my shop. One is letters in triangles.

I cut up two of them and gave each of my employees and myself the letters of our names and challenged them to "make something with it." Over the weekend I worked on mine.

I have my name colored but I may add more. I quilted up the background to test out a new-to-me design which I am considering using on my Fancy Forest quilt. I decided that I really like it and will indeed quilt my Fancy Forest quilt using this design. More that another day.

Anyway, I plan to fuse the letters to the background and topstitch them on with black thread. I have a black ribbon that I will add along the tops and I may add a little hand stitching around the letters.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

What fun. Love that fabric. I haven't seen that one. I like your idea of fusing and top stitching. Eager to see that.