Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art Group 12 by 12

My art group, Sew Silly Sisters, met yesterday. We all brought scraps and pulled fabrics from everyone's piles so that we all have essentially the same group of fabrics to work with. From these fabrics we are each creating a 12" by 12" block using any of the methods we have learned recently. Mine doesn't look like much at the moment.

This is as far as I got yesterday. The log cabin block on the right is going to be the center of a star. I'm making fabric on the left that I will cut up and use for the star points. The pink Kaffe Fassett print in the center of the log cabin block is the first fabric we chose. Our rule is that everyone must use this fabric in their block and at least some of the other fabrics we picked.

We haven't decided exactly how we will finish our blocks. Some ideas are (1) sew them all together into one quilt; (2) everyone quilt and bind their own block but attach them all to the same quilted background; or (3) everyone quilt and bind their own block then display them together but they all remain separate pieces.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

I love that you are "making fabric" for the points. I'm interested in how that works out. Will you piece them, or applique? Looking forward to your next post.