Sunday, May 1, 2011


After a very dry, mild winter, today it snows!

The birds are hunkering down in the trees near our feeder. Occasionally venturing over to the feeder.

After much whining, Goldie finally ventured out into the snowy weather. She tried every door in the house to see if maybe the weather was better out a different door! I tried to get a picture of her in the snow, but she didn't stay still long enough for me to focus on her. Currently she is hiding out underneath the neighbors canoe that they keep propped against their garage when not in use. From there she can stay relatively out of the weather and hidden from the view of the squirrels and birds congregating at our feeder.

Looks like a good day to stay inside and sew! I've got to finish up those mermaid tails first. Then we'll see how much more sewing the boy will allow me to get away with. The husband is out of town, again. Not skiing this time though. He is off picking up a camper that he purchased.


quilthexle said...

Oh my gosh ... the first of May, and you got SNOW ??? Shudder ... I just hope that we don't get any more of it ... my summer flowers are already planted!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Good grief, and I thought Michigan was bad! I'm so sorry for you. Cheer up, better days are ahead.

Mama Pea said...

I tell you, it's still cold here. We have had one or two warm days, and that's it. Today it was almost 60, but it was about 70% humidity and started sprinkling tonight. So, it feels pretty cold!