Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No time for play today

I have lots of work on my agenda for today. I've already checked my student's hours for last week. Now I need to email each of them (all 26) to give them their hours total for next week and advice, encouragement or prodding, which ever they need. I also have an exam to grade and an assignment to grade for my other course. In addition, today is an Early Release Wednesday. Parker and Jamie are coming here at noon instead of to Jamie's house this week. I am going on my guild's annual retreat this weekend so I need Parker to go to Jamie's house on Friday after school. I rescheduled my ALEKS class from today to Monday so that I would be home at noon today.

Above is another photo from Monday's full moon rise photo shoot. You can click on any image in this blog to see a larger version.

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