Monday, April 26, 2010

Crisis Over

Thank you to everyone who commented with sympathy and suggestions. My solution: I stitched up the whole then carefully folded it into the miter and sewed up the corner a bit more securely than I usually do. I think it will be fine and anyone who hasn't read this blog (so most of world) will never be able to tell the drama that little corner caused.

The finished quilt turned out quite well. I really like this pattern in solids.

It looks really cute in black and white with brights too. I saw this pattern in Quilter's Newsletter a few years ago. The article said it had been originally printed in Easy Quilts Magazine. The basic block idea is to pick two contrasting fabrics. You need two strips of each, a wide strip and a narrow strip. The length of the strips should be about a 2 or 3 inches longer than the width of the strip set, when sewn together. You sew your strips together alternating colors and put the wider strips on the outside. Then cut the strip set again, perpendicular to your sewn lines, using the same measurements as your original strips were cut. You may have a little sliver left over if you cut your strips a bit longer than necessary. Now for the magic: flip the first wide strip and the second narrow strip and sew them all back together. You could also just cut squares and rectangles to make the block. It's just a nine patch with solid corners, a four-patch center and bar blocks.


Barb said...

I am so glad that you figured out your looks great!!

Melissa ;-) said...

It looks great! But I bet you wanted to cry when it happened!

Deanna said...

Good for you! How sensible of you not to panic and rip the whole thing apart, or, worse yet, throw it away. (Yes, distressed quilters are known to do such things). I really like the finish.

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Looks great, Lynn. I love the quilt top, and it sounds like your resolution to the problem will work out extremely well! Whatever charity gets this will be lucky!