Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Basting Tables

I've had a couple of comments on my basting tables so I thought I would take photos of them and tell you a bit about them. They are basically two hollow core doors with legs that fold up for storage. My husband made them for me for Christmas one year. I haven't measured, I told him to get the biggest ones they had, but I think the doors are 36" by 72". This gives me a 6' by 6' basting surface! It's fabulous! So here is top shot of both tables set up. (I didn't get the tree skirt quilted today but did get the charity quilt quilted. It even has a label and the binding is ready to be hand sewn to the back!)

Here is a shot of the legs. They are very simple, but do the job.

Here is a close-up of the leg folding mechanism. I think he got these at a wood working supply place. Probably Wood Workers Supply.

There are two of these little locks that hold the tables together when I am using them both. One table is about 1/8" shorter than the other. This was not by design but it works out well because I can feel the center easily when I'm layering and trying to line up the back with the front along the center.

My husband did a really great job with these! I love them.


Melissa ;-) said...

They really are great and I am sure they are much more effective than trying to baste on the floor with three dogs walking on your work like I do!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

That is really awesome, Lynn! Very creative on both of your parts. Thank you for sharing these details!

Mama Pea said...

I'm workin' the hubby right now to make me some of these. He asked me why I don't just use a couple of banquet tables. I told him those were quite expensive compared to these. I'll keep you posted! I've got two or three quilts that need to be basted right now, and this is always my hangup...finding a place to do it. And I really don't look forward to crawling around on the floor to do it either.