Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Desk and Closet are In

The carpentry work was completed yesterday on son's new desk and closet. He was so excited!

There is obviously still some painting that needs to occur. I'm going to do that next week after he goes back to school. His closet has two rods with shelves above, one on either side of the door. We still need to put back all of his stuff that we took out for the construction. It is all piled in the guest room right now. I hope to be able to go through some of the things and get rid of some stuff before finding new homes for things in his room.

I also finished the quilting on my nine patch strata yesterday.

It needs to be pressed still and then I have to decide on the binding.

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Mama Pea said...

Wow, the closet and desk sure look great. I really like it. The green color in his room is so pretty, too. I can see why he's excited! Not only will it make him happy, it's really going to increase the value of your home. Well done.

Your strata look great too. I think your quilting is just right for this quilt! I look forward to seeing it bound.