Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WIP: Non-pattern Pattern Blocks

I'm still cogitating on a name for my non-pattern pattern blocks quilt. I made a bit more progress on them today.

I put rather wide sashing around the blocks with the idea that it is easier to cut away extra than add more later. I am planning to put some pieced bits between the blocks, but not around the outside. I'm not sure I like the contrasting sashing. My original idea was to use the same color sashing as the base rectangle I began with, but I changed my mind right before I started sewing. The contrasting sashing defines the edges of the blocks more clearly. Using the same color as the base rectangle would emphasize the pieced bits in the "cracks."

I'm now second guessing and wondering if maybe my first instinct would be better. I'll let them sit for a few days while I think about that one. If you have an opinion on this, please comment with advice. I reserve the right to do what I want in the end, but I enjoy hearing other people's thoughts on my design dilemmas. If you have a title idea I welcome that too.


momma said...

I really like these, I think they look a little like land plats. The contrasting borders make them jump out.

Jenny said...

Those are really cool!!

pegcollins said...

My piece is on my facebook page. country house quilting

Mama Pea said...

Hmmm....I don't mind the contrasting border. I think it defines the block nicely. I think if you cut them down to be more narrow and add the pieces in the middle, they will look more like what you were going for. I might also suggest changing the order...like making the "matching" blocks kitty corner from each other? I would be interested to see what that looks like. I know whatever you come up with, it will look fabulous. Perhaps the name/title should have "fractured" in it? They look "fractured" to me. I really like it.