Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zipper Pouch

On Friday the Moda Bake Shop posted a pattern for a Strippy Charm Pouch. I thought it was so cute and the pattern looked pretty easy. So I decided to make one (or two).

I didn't want a pieced top portion like the pattern called for, so I just used a single fabric.

Warning: If you decided to make one, there is an error in the cutting instructions. You need to cut your two bottom rectangles 2 1/2" by 9 1/4". The instructions say 2" by 9 1/4" in the cutting instructions, but later in the pattern it refers to these as 2 1/2" by 9 1/4" bottom rectangles. This is the correct measurement for them, but doesn't help much if you cut everything at the beginning like she instructed.

I also did not like the method she uses for putting in the zipper. I did do it the way she instructs the first time, but the zipper didn't operate smoothly. Also the pouch looked funny at the zipper ends. So ... I took the entire bag apart again. It wasn't too bad. Then I got out my Cash and Carry pattern and did the zipper like this pattern does. I put the whole bag back together and it is perfect.

Note: I don't want to sound like I think the original pattern is bad. I don't. The pouch is very cute and a nice size. It's just that the zipper method she uses didn't work well for me. I am not very experienced at putting in zippers. The only way I have had success with zippers is using the method from the Cash and Carry pattern I referenced above. So when it didn't work for me the first time, I just went to the method I knew would work for me. I did everything else just like the original pattern. She had a picture for every step and the written instructions were very clear. My only other advice for this pattern is to sew slowly over the top portion of the bag, where the zipper is, when assembling the bag. I did break a needle in that area, twice! Both times I think I was sewing too fast over this bulky area. When I sewed slowly I had no problem.

I made the first one for myself. My son has a friend who will be turning 9 soon. A friend who is a girl, not a girl friend. Anyway, I made one for him to give her for her birthday. I asked my son what fabric she would like. He said, "any fabric with dogs." So here it is.

He was very excited when I showed it to him. "Oh Mom, she will love it!" He knows just what to say! I'm pretty sure he is right.


Barb said...

I love these bags and also for the fact that you gave tips of how to make it work easier for everyone.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Cute bag. Thanks for the heads up about the error.

Peg said...

CUTE, love your bags and the solid pc of fabric vs. the pieced as original design had was very inspirational. I like that as well, it shows off great fabric better, such as the cute dog fabric for the upcoming birthday girl. Having a dog crazy daughter who was once 9 yrs old, I say "yes" she will love it.

Linda said...

CUTE bags!!

Mama Pea said...

Very cute. Good way to use some novelty fabrics too! I bet his friend will love it!

Jen said...

Those bags are so cute! I would love to get one if I were a little girl. or a big girl, for that matter!

brooks1986 said...

cute...and he's right, she will love it!