Thursday, July 12, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Thank you to everyone who left such kind comments on my previous post about the loss of our cat. I read each and every one but just couldn't bring myself to respond to them. My family is doing much better although we are still very sad and miss her terribly.

However, my silence on this blog has not been due to my sadness. My computer has had a "stroke" of some kind. My computer is also the family computer so we each have an account on it. My husband's account and my son's account both worked fine, but I could not log into my account. My account holds all the family financial information, all of my work files as well as all of my pictures and other personal files. It has taken my husband and I two days to get it working at all. Unfortunately, it is still not working well. Everything is very slow and somethings aren't working properly. Fortunately, I back up my things regularly and was able to access files to copy them onto an external hard drive from one of the other accounts. So I haven't lost any of the most important things, I just can't do anything with them yet.

I can't get pictures off my camera or even edit them if I could download them. Those of you who have had this kind of problem know how long it takes to get everything reinstalled and working properly. So when I can nurse this thing back to health, I've got lots to share with you. Until then ...

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Mama Pea said...

So sorry, Lynn! Good luck fixing it up. I have been missing you and look forward to seeing you back in town soon! :-)