Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nash Quilt Top

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I "finished" the fifth quilt that I worked on at retreat this morning.

The pattern is called Nash and it is from "Another Bite of Schnibbles" by Carrie Nelson. This is the small version of the pattern. It only finishes at 30" square - a nice size for a wall hanging, but a little small for a charity quilt (in my opinion). So I will be adding more borders to this. I haven't decided exactly what yet, but it will grow bigger.

In other news, Miss Spooky Boo made her first catch and kill this morning!

Look closely at her mouth (you may have to click the image to enlarge it). She caught one of the flying grasshopper type bugs we have around here. I'm not sure what she did with it after I snapped this photo, but she sure was proud of herself.


merinz said...

And she has the 'I am a hunter now' look about her too.

West Michigan Quilter said...

LOL My cat loves grasshoppers too. She'll bring me one like it's a big prize! Love your quilt. I like that pattern too. The colors you used are wonderful.

Mama Pea said...

I love your finished quilt top! It's so bright and colorful and graphic. Great job.

Love that Spooky Boo got her first catch. You go, girl! ;-)