Thursday, March 6, 2014

Never say never

Do you remember the Christmas quilt I agreed to finish for a friend? I doubt that you do since it has been so long since I posted about it. Take a minute to click the link and go look at that post from April 2013.

I hope you are sitting down because I don't want to shock you. I have decided to attempt to finish this using hand applique. After a bad experience with hand applique early in my quilting career I vowed never to attempt hand applique again. A few years ago I discovered hand applique using wool. I do enjoy this method. The Sue Spargo BOM I'm doing is all hand applique and embroidery. Most of it is wool applique, but there is some cotton and other fabrics besides wool in the kits. I've had good success with that project so far so I decided to pull this Christmas quilt out and give hand applique another try.

It's going pretty well so far. I would not have chosen the dark background fabric for this but I'm determined to use the fabrics in the kits. The one arm I have sewn down barely shows up against the dark background. Oh well! Adds to the charm.

I'm not quite as good at hand applique as the person who did the first four blocks. Hopefully I will be by the time I finish the last one.


barbara woods said...

it's going to be beautiful

West Michigan Quilter said...

Good for you trying applique. Looking great so far. Maybe you could outline that arm in a light thread to make it show up.