Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WIP: A Quilt of Valor

I realized at my recent retreat that I was short on white/gray half square triangle units for my Star Value Quilt of Valor. This is why I didn't make more progress on it at the retreat. I remedied that yesterday.

Now that I have the required amount of units I can finish this up. Here is the layout of one block.

I don't know how much progress I will make on this today though. I am planning to do a tutorial for you on the scrap project I showed last week. I took a bunch of pictures yesterday for it. Today I hope to edit the pictures and hopefully have the tutorial written by the end of the week. I realized after I made the post last week that I miscalculated how many scrap rectangles this quilt will require. So I also need to recheck my calculations before I post the pattern!

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