Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hand Applique

I hoped to have more to show for my sewing time yesterday but hand applique takes a long time, especially when you are just learning. I could have made more progress if I hadn't ripped out the door on my little block shown below. The door was crooked after the first time sewing it on. It would have bothered me so I redid it. The chimney is also a bit crooked, but it doesn't bother me so it stays.

I am learning to do needle turn applique. I have already discovered that it is easier for me to needle turn applique on a wool background rather than a cotton one. I've also learned that good quality fabric makes it much easier too.


This little block lacks a tree top, windows for the house, a star in the sky and the ground with sidewalk. I actually have the ground with sidewalk done, but couldn't find it for the photo. Grrrr! I'm sure it is just lost in the mess. It seems that hand applique is also a messy affair for me. I've got pattern pieces and little bits of fabric scattered all over!


Donna said...

I have a devil of a time getting windows and doors to be straight when I needle turn.. I called one quilt the windy city because all my windows tilted the exact same degree of tilt!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Lynn, have you tried Basting glue? I use it and have everything basted in place before I start to sew. Even with needleturn this works for far. I'm rather new to needleturn as I usually do freezer paper applique. Once everything is down as you want it and glued, you just sew away! Love how your block is turning out.