Monday, January 26, 2015

A Test Project

I am testing an idea that I have for how to quilt my In Full Bloom (Sue Spargo 2014 BOM project) by trying the idea first on a smaller project. So I'm making a small zipper bag and putting one of the birds from Sue's Bird Dance book on the front.

I started my bird at the end of last week. She is now ready for quilting, which is the actual part I want to test.

The colors in this second photo are truer. The two pictures were taken on two different days in very different lighting conditions.

The plan is to use seed stitching for the quilting, which I have done before. But I'm trying a new-to-me thread and I want to see how it holds up before using it on a larger project.

Should make a nice zipper bag even if my idea doesn't work for the In Full Bloom project.


Gene Black said...

It will be a cute zipper bag regardless of the quilting. I hope your idea works well for you.

Laura said...

So cute!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Can't wait to see your bag. With this little guy on it i bet it will be darling. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.

cgwehrman said...

I love your bird! It will be a darling ziper bag.