Friday, July 10, 2015

This is Getting Serious

I just finished sewing the handles to my newest clothesline tote.

For this one I used the 200 ft. package of clothesline I ordered last week. Here are some photos of the package. I ordered this from Amazon because I couldn't find 200 ft. packages of clothesline locally.

The finished tote measures 8" by 17" by 11.5" tall. I used pre-made handles for this one rather than making handles from the clothesline as I did for my first one. Click here to see the first tote I made. The thread I used for this one is Aurifil 50 wt. color 2000 and YLI 40 wt. color "Sunset 22V."

This clothesline is very similar to the 100 ft. packages I have been purchasing from my local Ace Hardware. Here is a photo of it.

Both brands are 7/32" in diameter. The Ace brand package has a 12 lb. load limit while the Koch brand has a 13 lb. load limit. Both make nice, sturdy items but aren't overly stiff.

The first package I used (and I wish I took a photo of the packaging before throwing it away but I had no idea how addicted to this process I would become at the time) was 3/16" in diameter and if I remember correctly had a 10 lb. load limit. I found it to be a bit too "floppy" for my tastes. 

This tote bag took me about four hours to sew. I'm guessing because I rarely get to sew continuously for that long. Sewing on the pre-made handles took longer than the clothesline ones I made and used for the first tote. I like them both. I may try fabric handles for my next one.


Marlene said...

I think you have a serious problem!!! Love this bag and the red handles really add to my love of it. What next??

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love thst bag! It looks like something I'd buy at a high end store. Great job!

lindamid said...

Hey Lynn, maybe the Guild would like a lesson on these totes. They look like fun.

lindamid said...

Hey Lynn, maybe you could demo this at quilt. looks like fun

Mama Pea said...

These are so, so cute. If you sold these in an etsy shop, I would totally buy one from you! I mean it!