Friday, October 23, 2015

Metro Rings :: A Completed Top

This will be the last time I subject you to this project until it comes time for quilting it. Like I said yesterday, it will be a while until I can quilt it since it will be going to Kathy's Fabric Trunk as a store/class sample for a while.

I absolutely love this quilt! The pattern is Metro Rings by Sew Kind of Wonderful. Look for it at your local shop or order online directly from Sew Kind of Wonderful. It is a Double Wedding Ring variation. If you have always loved the Double Wedding Ring pattern but never felt confident enough to make one, try this method.

The pattern requires the Quick Curve Ruler, which is available either from your local shop or Sew Kind of Wonderful. I'm not a big fan of specialty rulers in general, but this is one specialty ruler I'm really glad I own. I love most of the patterns Sew Kind of Wonderful puts out and have made quite a few of them.

I thought I would share with you this trick. If you have ever finished a top then set it aside for any length of time before quilting it, you may have noticed that the edge of your top may have frayed. Another issue is the seams along the edge may pull out if you don't backstitch as I don't. I noticed this with the very first quilt I made as a store sample. Store samples get handled a lot!

After that first unquilted store sample I started zig zagging around the edge of every completed top unless I planned to quilt it right away.

This helps tame any fraying that may occur and also helps to hold those outer seams in place for an extended period of time until I have the opportunity to quilt it. I've been doing this for a while with store samples and it has really helped them to hold up as unquilted tops. 

Maybe you don't make store samples, but I bet most of you don't quilt everything as soon as you finish it. If you are like me, you may move your unquilted tops many times before they finally get their turn to be quilted. Periodically I open them up to pick the next one I want to quilt and to refold them. Zig zagging around the outer edges of your tops will help protect the edges until they get quilted.


Barb said...

Great tip and I ever love this quilt!

Mama Pea said...

This is a good idea for all quilts. I really LOVE this quilt. It's on my to do list! Well done. You make such beautiful things!

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn
I love your Metro Rings quilt! Your fabric choice and piecing are beautiful! Helen of Sew Kind of Wonderful :-)