Monday, December 21, 2015

Guild Christmas Party and AQC Update

Saturday was my guild's December meeting. We did a gift exchange. I took one of the needle books I made. I received this cute pin cushion.

The base measures about 3" and it stands about 4" tall. It's darn cute!

I also received this foot control bed.

Here it is "in action."

Thanks so much Mary Ann. I love it!

Alamosa Quilt Company Update: 

The construction phase is over. Next is painting and cleaning. I hope to get everything painted in the next few days then stay away for a few days to let everything dry really well. I'll take pictures once everything is painted.

On Friday afternoon I received most of my huge Moda order.

UPS delivered 36 boxes on Friday to go with the 10 or so that were delivered earlier in the week. Above is pretty much all fabric. Counting the boxes I received previously containing thread and notions (not shown in the photo above), there are 61 boxes of merchandise waiting to be opened, inventoried and put out on shelves. Probably won't start on that until January.


Gene Black said...

WOW.. you are showing great restraint. I would have all of those boxes open and be fondling fabric.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your pincushion and that foot pedal rug. What a clever idea. I'm with Gene...I'd have to open those boxes ASAP!

Marlene said...

Love that foot pedal rug-just what I need! I wouldn't just be opening the boxes, I'd be ripping into them!!

Mama Pea said...

Great gifts! Must be hard not to open those boxes. Have fun with the final touches!