Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Scrap Group Quilt Along

I've been thinking about this for a while and this month seems like a good time to start. My scrap group is starting a new project this month and you are invited to sew along with us. Our meeting day is the third Wednesday of each month. That will be February 17th this month. On that day I will post directions here for our project so you can sew along with us if you choose. 

The project will be a block of the month I'm calling "Goose on the Loose." Every block will use flying geese units and we will cover various ways of making flying geese. There will be twelve blocks, twelve inch finished size. The blocks will be sashed in some way and there will be at least two border options. The working finished size is 52" by 66", but this might change. I have been known to change alter my initial plan.

I have a drawing and I've made the first two blocks but I am working along with everyone so I don't have a finished quilt to show you. This is the first block.

And this is the second.

I am using all scraps but you could restrict your background to a single fabric.

The details:

On the third Wednesday of each month I will post directions for at least one block until we've made twelve blocks. Once the directions for all twelve blocks have been posted I will post sashing and border instructions. I expect this will take about a year since instructions will only be posted once a month.

You are encouraged to play along with us. If you just want to collect the patterns each month to save for later, that is fine too. Before the end of February I will add a tab for this so that you will be able to easily find the posts each month.

Start cutting your scraps! The first block requires 2", 2.5" and 3" squares. The second block requires 2.5", 4" and 4.5" squares. 

I usually cut my scraps into 2" squares, 2.5" squares, 3" squares, 4" squares, 5" squares and 6" squares. If necessary I cut larger squares down into smaller ones. For example, I don't usually cut 4.5" squares to stash. When I need 4.5" squares, I cut 5" squares down to 4.5". You need to decide what sizes work for you and start cutting. 


West Michigan Quilter said...

This looks like so much fun. I love to use my scraps and this will make a great charity quilt too. Thanks for having this sew along. I'm in!

June D said...

Beautiful beginning blocks. Thanks for organizing this. I'd like to follow along!

Marlene said...

Like the beginning blocks. This sounds like fun. I'm a starter.