Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Exciting Delivery

 I purchased new toy recently for my shop.

New Q20 in boxes

New Q20 in boxes

I currently have a HandiQuilter Sweet 16 at my shop that belongs to a customer. She brought the machine in so I could help her to get it working and then give her lessons on it. I've got it working and she has started lessons. I quilted a small project on it to make sure everything was working properly and realized how much I missed quilting some things myself. I also have a HandiQuilter Sweet 16 at home but I rarely have time to quilt something at home. So I decided to buy the shop a Bernina Q20 sit-down machine. That is what is in the boxes.

I will need help to get her set up at the shop and I need to clear a space for her too. As soon as I get her all set up I will tell you more about her.

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