Thursday, July 6, 2023

Taking an idea to the next level

 I've been playing with this idea of scraps and hand stitching for a while. So far I've only made small projects, pin cushions to be precise. Now I'm going to try making a larger project, a pillow for my chair. It will finish at 16" by 16".

start of my hand stitched scrap pillow

Above you can see the layout I have chosen using scraps from my scrap basket. I have everything cut to fit and pinned in place. There is batting underneath the fabrics. When I made the pin cushions I just laid the fabrics loosely where I wanted them, took a picture then removed all but the first piece of fabric. For this I decided to be a bit more organized. I'm doing this in front of the TV in the evenings. I didn't want to have to keep getting up to go to my sewing room and find the next piece. This way I have a plan and know everything fits.

Now I just need to stitch it all down. I decided to use just one color of thread. I picked a nice bluish green variegated thread. This should keep me busy for a few nights!

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