Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Majestic Mountains

 I just finished a new shop sample last week. The quilt has been sent off to be long arm quilted so it isn't currently hanging in the shop yet.

Majestic fabric panel shop sample using Diva 5 pattern

The pattern I used is called Diva 5. It's a great pattern for a panel and includes instructions for the three current most popular panel widths of 24", 30" and 36". I had to adjust the pattern just a tad because this panel has a printed border around the outside that I wanted to cut off, but it's very easy to adjust. All I needed to do was add 1/2" to the cut measurements for the inner border that goes around the panel for the top and bottom border pieces. You can't even really tell that the top/bottom inner borders are a little wider than the sides!

The panel and most of the coordinates except the light blue are all from the Majestic collection. The light blue is from the Dry Brush collection and it's the Pale Blue one. Again, the pattern used is called Diva 5. If I still have enough of these fabrics left when the quilt comes back from the quilter then I will make up a few kits. The binding is going to be the dark blue fabric used in the quilt top. This is the challenge for quilt shop owners - as soon as I make up a sample whatever fabrics I used start selling quickly and sometimes I don't get the sample completely finished before I run out of the fabrics used! So if you want a kit sooner just let me know. You can leave a comment on this post or contact my shop, contact information can be found by following this link

And don't forget about the chance to win a new serger from the online FabShop Hop. See this post for details of how to participate and enter to win.

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