Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Product I Didn't Know I Needed!

 These Needle Grip-Its are fabulous for hand sewing!

Needle Grip-It package

You put one on your thumb and one on your forefinger, right where you pinch them together to pull the needle through. They help reduce hand fatigue by gripping the needle to help you pull it through your project so you don't have to pull as hard. They stick very well and can be used several times before they stop sticking. I'm not sure how long that is because I'm still using the first two!

For proper placement, pinch your thumb and forefinger together pretty hard like you are pulling a needle through a project. You'll see an indention or lighter colored circular area on your thumb/finger. That's where you put the dots. They are repositionable so if you get it in the wrong place you can move it. I accidentally washed my hands (with soap) while wearing mine and they stayed in place.

If you are local, I have an open package at the shop. If you'd like a pair to try before you buy, just ask me for a pair the next time you are in the shop (offer valid only while the first open package lasts). Each package contains 70 dots, which is 35 pairs so one package should last you a while.

If you aren't local, I do have these packages for sale on my website,

Click right here to go directly to the Needle Grip-It product page on my website.

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