Thursday, June 10, 2010

Binding, binding and more binding

What have I been up to lately? Sewing the binding on my king size mystery quilt. I haven't posted in three days because this has been pretty much all I have done on the sewing front. While sewing on binding, I have listened to quite a few episodes of Radiolab  and I'm now totally addicted to the show. I've got 2 sides done plus a little on the third so I have several more days to go before I'm done. On the plus side, there are lots of Radiolab episodes to listen to in addition to all the great quilting podcasts. What I listen to just depends on my mood.


Deanna said...

Binding makes it a quilt--up to that point it is really just fabric sewn together. I also find it the most contemplative part of quilting.

Sandy said...

I'm a RadioLab fan too! Good stuff, and good companionship while at the sewing machine. That and "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" have gotten me through a number of chain-piecing sessions!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

What's RadioLab? I am interested. I love "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me," too, Sandy! I love a lot of those NPR shows. I had Prairie Home Companion on in the car the other day, and it was the quietest I've ever heard my daughter. (Usually she's in the back seat yapping away...) She was glued to the stories Garrison Keillor was telling! It was great!