Friday, June 11, 2010

Playing with Blog Templates

Blogger has some new templates available to use. It's probably obvious that I am playing with the look of the blog - just for something different.

Nothing exciting happening here today - cleaning, laundry, gardening. But tomorrow is another day! This morning Parker was yelling to the neighborhood as he was riding his bike, "I'm going camping tomorrow!" I feel like yelling too because I am NOT going camping tomorrow. I'll have the whole house to myself with no one, except the cat, to bother me or ask me for anything. Ahhhh! I can't wait. I have several sewing projects ready to work on. My mood in the morning will determine which one I pick up.

I've started the last side of binding on the king size mystery quilt. I'll post a photo of it on my bed soon!

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

I am so jealous of you! My husband is talking about taking my daughter canoeing (sp?) and camping. He wanted me to go, too, but I told him I could really use some "me" time. So, he's happily going to take her and leave me behind. Don't know exactly when yet, but I am sort of excited. Am I a bad mom and wife? :-) I noticed the change in your blog design as soon as the page started to load. It's nice!