Thursday, March 24, 2011


Calm down
Be calm
Stay calm
Winds are calm
Remain calm

I decided to make another word quilt. It is hard to chose a word though. Whatever word you choose will define your quilt. Definitions vary depending on the reader, so you must choose carefully. I wanted to make an aqua quilt, essentially monochromatic.

I started with a sketch.

Initially I chose the word "simple." Notice that the title of the post is not "simple." After making the word I realized that "simple" has some definitions that do not adequately describe the quilt I was making. The piecing for this quilt was definitely not simple. There were several partial seams, which aren't hard, but aren't simple either. After pulling out my fabrics, I decided that "calm" was more the feeling I was going for with my aqua quilt. So I made a "c", put the "s", "i", and "p" aside. Flipped over the "e" so that it became an "a" and now I have "calm."

In addition, "simple" was too long. It would have forced me to make the piece larger than I intended. I didn't realize this until I had pieced the letters and put them on the design wall. "Calm" fits better. I chose not to do any wonky piecing. "Wonky" is not "calm" in my world. Neat, orderly, organized = calm.

Now I am cogitating on what quilting motif best complements "calm." I have a few ideas but no time to act on them yet.

This may be my art group project for the Downtown Show this summer. I have another idea too though. My entry will most likely be which ever one gets finished in time. Such is life.


pegcollins said...

Lynn! love it!

Barb said...

just wonderful!

Mama Pea said...

It's very beautiful! I love those colors. I would love a bathroom in those colors. It is very calm, both colors and the straight piecing. I love your process post about this. Just love it.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Calm is a lovely quilt. I also love the version of it that I see on your design wall. Lots of white, fewer colors and the word "calm" just forming itself out of the white. I'm really intrigued by how that looks. cool!

Kathleen C said...

Lynn, I really love your style. I've been doing liberated medallion style quilts with scraps so they aren't always calm--yet I am drawn to quilts which are "easy on the eyes", but also exciting-like your aqua quilt.
I just saw your Fun quilt on Unruly Quilting and am now browsing your posts. I'm going to look some more now.

Quilter Kathy said...

It's fabulous... I love it! The colour choices and blocks are perfect for word!